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Play-Pen is excited to embark on its new venture – Creative Language Academy for Practical Application or CLAPA – with the prospects of further serving the community in Kandy and its immediate suburbs. We continue to share the same primary objective as all our Montessori Schools which is to provide children with a friendly, nurturing, safe and supportive environment where teachers are caring, encouraging and dedicated to the over-all success of each child.

It need not be mentioned that the world is evolving at even greater speeds than in the past, and, language plays a great role in this evolution where inhabitants of our earth seek common ground in communicating. When it is time for your child to step out into the world he or she will be aware that all creation, natural and man-made is communicating with them. The response of your child in correctly interpreting these communications through the optimisation of their senses and responding appropriately will make your child successful in life or below par.

Here at CLAPA we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. We aspire to provide every student with the opportunity to succeed by creatively equipping them to form a strong foundation in an environment that is both stimulating and challenging. It is our goal at CLAPA to make every student's experience as rewarding and fulfillng as possible.